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Brad Smith, the president of Terra Firma Custom Homes, loves to talk about building. He could do it all day long (but we won’t let him). If you’re considering building a new home, he is happy to offer ideas, suggestions and examples to help get you started. When you meet with us, we begin working on your behalf that day, with no cost or obligation to you. We believe an hour or so of our time is a small down payment to see if our goals are inline, and if it’s possible to have a positive working relationship in the future.

We take great pride in the homes we build and can offer a reference list of all the clients we’ve built for. These clients often make their homes available to our potential clients and we can offer tours of homes that may be similar to the type of home you’d like.

To set up an interview, contact us at or 970-726-1133.

“We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients.”